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How to clone your Hard disk drive(HDD) in few minutes[very fast]

Everyone come across a situation where they want to install a OS(operating system), put all the required software’s(Microsoft Office, Adobe reader, winrar etc) on a single machine. But what if you wanted to install that same OS & those required software’s on a 50 different machines ? 50 different machines ? wth ? Its going … Continue reading

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How to Reveal the saved passwords on windows

Most people might just save their passwords if its too complex to remember because passwords might have some symbols, numbers etc. So, here is a little tool which can able to display the passwords which are saved in your windows machine. Just follow below steps. Open up your browser. Goto this site. ( Agree to terms … Continue reading

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How to scan your computer for virus in 60 seconds

Today, lets reveal how to  scan your computer for viruses !! NORMAL WAY: Open up any antivirus you have installed & click on SCAN to scan your whole computer for viruses. This is a good way but probably takes more time, so most users will be cancelling the scan. !! QUICK WAY: BitDefender provides a small … Continue reading