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How to clone your Hard disk drive(HDD) in few minutes[very fast]

Everyone come across a situation where they want to install a OS(operating system), put all the required software’s(Microsoft Office, Adobe reader, winrar etc) on a single machine.

But what if you wanted to install that same OS & those required software’s on a 50 different machines ?

50 different machines ? wth ? Its going to take hell lot of time man !! 😥


You can do the above given job in just three or four hours 😀 yes, it is possible.

-> Install OS & required software’s in single machine.

-> Next download EaseUS ToDo Backup.(you guys can download it from anywhere like torrent site or someother file sharing site).

-> Next, take HDD from another machine(in which you want to install all s/w’s & OS).

-> Attach this HDD as secondary to the machine to which you have already installed OS & required software’s & switch on machine.

-> Now open EaseUS Todo Backup.


-> Click Clone & Click DISK CLONE.


-> Now Go ahead & next. Also give confirmation in next step of the wizard.


-> Next you can see the cloning process happening for just 2 or 3  minutes. That’s it man, you just cloned a hard disk in just 3 minutes.

ADDITIONAL INFO: You can also able to clone only particular dirves too. PLAY AROUND, YOU CAN FIND MORE.

Only disadvantage, EaseUS todo backup is not a free source 😦 .. soon i’ll find free source & post it. If you know it , share it comments.


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