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Top 5 anticipated movies 2013[Additional]

Hey, RR gonna share some more most anticipated movies of 2013. Before that check out ,

5.  The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug



Release Date: 13th December

Director: Peter Jackson

More info here ->

4. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Release Date: 22nd November

Director: Francis Lawrence

  • If you have read the book, i’m pretty sure that you’re a very big fan of this movie, but still the movie is missing something a little. So it gets 4th place here.

3. Kick-Ass 2 


Release Date: 16th August

Director: Jeff Wadlow

  • This is one of the finest & awesome movie when it comes to superhero fantasy power. Really very true story.
  • First part is well delivered, so lets wait for part 2.

2. White House Down


Release Date: 28th June

Director: Roland Emmerich

  • This is a very high budgeted movie & Jamie Foxx as President, that’s something you can’t miss.

1. Sin City: A dame to Kill for


Release Date: 2nd October

Director: Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez

  • I guess this clear’s some air here, because it is one of the finest & best movie made from the comic & they have made the movie really GooooD.
  • So No wonder This movie is on my top list 😀

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