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How to recover deleted data in windows machine

Hey geeks, today lets reveals how to recover the deleted date from any windows machine. When you delete a data from your machine, its not actually completely deleted unless its memory space is overwritten by some other data. So we can can able to recover data before overwritten happens.

Recuva is the tool which is used to do this job. It is developed by pinform and its totally FREEWARE. It works on NTFS & FAT file system. 

  • Download Recuva here( . Download Free release. If you liked the Free Edition, then go ahead & buy Professional or Business Edition in that same site itself.
  • Install it & open it.
  • After that, just select the drive where the deleted data have been and click scan.
  • r1
  • Thats it. Once scan is over, you can able to see all the deleted files.
  • If file is in green color, you can recover it with no problems. If its in red, then it impossible to recover(try professional or Business Edition, you might get some additional options for recovery.)
  • r2
  • Just check the files, you want to recover & hit Recover button in bottom right corner. 
  • That’s it. Pretty simple !!

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