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How to access your favourite sites very Quickly in Chrome

Have you geeks ever wondered how to quickly access your mostly frequently visited sites or your favourite pages very quickly ?? Probably everyone will be typing the starting letters of the site name and browser will showing the site. well that way is not quick, lets learn the quick way, shall we ?? 😉

MUST READ: I’m going to show to you how to  access the flipkart site very quickly and this option available in google chrome only.

NORMAL WAY: Start typing the starting letters of the “flipkart”.


  • Right click on the Omnibar or Address bar & click “Edit Search Engines”.
  • fp1
  • A new window will appear, scroll down all the way to the bottom.
  • Now you can see three text boxes.
  1. Add a New search engine -> fill it by giving any name relevant.
  2. Keyword -> This is important. if you give “ab”, then when you type “ab” in omni or address bar( have 2 or 3 characters for keyword) the given URL will appear.(don’t matter if URL starts doesn’t start with ‘ab’).
  3. URL -> Just copy & paste your favourite site URL.
  • fp2
  • That’s it. Now go ahead type “FP” in your omni or address bar. you will know the whole point of this post. 😀
  • fp3

QUICK WAY: Enter your keyword to access it in a instant. !!

You can create this type of keyword for all your favourite sites. For example, if you visit Amazon site very often, create a “az” keyword, for Facebook, create “fb” as keyword, etc. Its up to you.

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