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How to download youtube videos quickly

Broadcast Yourself !!

Broadcast Yourself !!

Today, lets have a look at how to download youtube videos very quickly. Before starting, i must say that there are hell lot of ways to download the videos you watching in youtube but which one way is quick ?? Also there is ample number of applications that allows you to download videos.

But i’m gonna show you to download videos without using external applications. Lets get started

  • Goto to this site –> KeepVid. (there are lot of sites like this, but its simple & quite good).
  • In top right, you can see a KeepVid bookmarklet, Just drap & drop that bookmarklet into your browser bookmarklet.
  • Click to Enlarge !!

    Click to Enlarge !!


  • Now “Keep It!” should be in your bookmark bar.


  • Now head to youtube & watch whatever video you want. If you want to download a video, just click on the “Keep It!” in your bookmark bar.
  • Gangnam Oppa Style ;)

    Gangnam Oppa Style 😉


  • Now you will be in KeepVid Site & you can see all the qualities that you can able to download the video.
  • keepvid2
  • If 1080p is not available, then find video with 1080p quality.


  • Alternatively you can head to & simple paste the youtube video URL & click download.
  • But i don’t like that way. You choose your way.

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7 thoughts on “How to download youtube videos quickly

  1. I used to use URL Snooper and WINPCAP to find the FLV file to download but ever since I discovered the “Download Helper” I say forget all that work…
    DownloadHelper is a free Firefox extension for downloading and converting videos from many sites with minimum effort.
    Check it out then get it at:
    I’m tellin’ ya this is quickety-fast-fast!!

    Thanks for recommending a cloud solution but I go for the “no-fuss, no-muss” plug-in for firefox every-time.

    I am enjoying this website – keep ’em coming!
    [ – Bloggin’ It While Doggin’ It ]

  2. Thanks a lot! I know another cool way to download without external applications, and it’s called torch browser. It’s a chromium based browser, so I also use it for browsing, and it has built in features for all kinds of downloads. I totally recommend you to try it cuz keepvid is not as good in my opinion.

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