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Microsoft’s surface pro Launch

Surface pro is a tablet made and marketed by Microsoft and it uses Windows 8 professional operating system. Don’t get confused with Microsoft’s Surface RT. There might lot of configuration varies between Microsoft’s Surface RT & Microsoft’s surface pro. But one of the basic difference is that

  • Microsoft Surface RT uses Windows RT.
  • Microsoft Surface pro uses windows 8 pro.
Microsoft's Surface pro

Microsoft’s Surface pro

Panos Panay, the man in charge with the Surface division at Microsoft, has just confirmed in a short tweet that Microsoft would host a Surface Pro launch party in Las Vegas.

“Jon M. Chu and I are going to hang out at Fashion Square Mall Vegas tomorrow, at Microsoft Store,” Panos Panay said.

In addition, Jon Chu, the director behind the Surface RT ads and the creator of the first Surface Pro commercial, also confirmed the event, suggesting that Microsoft may actually air the Pro advertising clip during the event.

“See you there at the Fashion Mall in Las Vegas for the release of the Pro! And maybe I’ll bring some Surface dancers,” Chu said.

Microsoft initially wanted to roll out the Surface Pro in NYC on February 8, but the company canceled the event due to heavy snow.

So finally the Microsoft’s Surface pro will be hitting the market on February 9th as said. Launch party also held on same day on Los Vegas.



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