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How to disable or enable access to command prompt in windows 7

Command prompt is a Character-based user interface(CUI) which is available on every windows platform. Whatever you are doing with the mouse in the screen, it’s also certainly possible to do with the command prompt. So command prompt is a important application and if some other person accessed your computer and then he/she can play with the command prompt, and delete some valuable data’s.

So, its just better to stay on safer side, by disabling the command prompt when you are not around your PC. To disable access to command prompt, just follow below steps.

  • Press Win Key + R to open up Run dialog box.
  • Type gpedit.msc & click OK. 
  • Now expand to following path in left pane. User Configuration-> Administrative Templates. Now Click on System folder in left pane.
  • c1
  • Double click on “Prevent Access to the command prompt” on right side.
  • A new dialog box will pop up. In that, just click on “Enabled” Option button & Save changes by hitting OK.
  • c2
  • That’s it. If someone try to access Command prompt, following error will appear.
  • c3
  • If you want to enable it again, just click on “Not Configure” option button which you can see it 2nd screenshot.

Simple as that. !!

Any problems, do leave a comment. !!


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