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Vishwaroopam movie ban and no one talks ?

Vishwaroopam is tamil movie directed, produced & acted by Kamal Hassan. This movie has been his dream project for many years and worked on this movie for many years. The budget of the movie is around 95 croces. Unfortunately, its banned !!

2 Major Reasons leading to Ban

->This film is also the first movie to release via direct-broadcast-satellite(DTH), which allows one time viewing of movie from home itself for a fee of  1000(Around US$19). By this DTH release, illegal DVD releases can be dramatically reduced(that’s what kamal believed, i believed, so do you and the rest of you). This is really a great idea from everyone’s point of view but unexpected happened. A group of Theatre owner appealed in court that movie should not be releaesd in DTH because if it is released in DTH, profit will drop in all the theatres. After lot of debate, everyone agreed that movie will be released in DTH after one week from the movie release date. A one reschedule of movie release date happened because of above problem.

-> After few days when it is set to release, some muslim community appealed to court that this movie has some anti-muslim acts, so they appealed that movie should not release. On first trial, judge said that he will watch movie and then give the judgement. Again after lot of debates, in between these debate, another reschedule happend. 

Finally, movie released in various part of the country but not in Tamil nadu. Don’t forget this guys ” Kamal Hassan born in Paramakudi, Chennai, Tamil nadu “.  No one can imagine how much pain it would have caused to Kamal.

This movie completely baned in tamil nadu & PM says “Nothing personal against Kamal Hassan”. how is it possible ?? CBIF even certified the film, but its banned in tamil nadu ?? Does state government has that kind of authority or power over central ??

After all this futile things, kamal says ” I really don’t know what’s happening. Various reasons have been told to me. I’m not able to think why this is happening and I fear that if I think about it. I will become a polician. But I’ll only be an artist”. 


He also added “I’ve had various memorable memories of my house in Alwarpet. But, I’ve pledged all my properties in and around Chennai on this film and if the case’s verdict is not favourable to me, I might have to leave. I have already come close to being finished twice and I will rise from this as well. I still have my art with me and i can earn. I’ll choose a secular state within the country, from Kashmir to Kerala. If I do not find a secular state in India, Iwill find hopefully another country which will take me in. If M F Hussain can. Hassan can as well. Tamil Nadu wants me out”.

All big head of india, muslim coummunity, CBIF watched the movie & said that movie doesn’t have any anti-muslim acts. But its still banned in Tamil nadu, unbelievable ??? yes it is. whats the reason behind ban in tamil nadu ??? Movie ?? PM ?? Muslims ?? DTH Plan ?? 

Kamal Hassan a man with enormous contribution to Tamil cinema in particular and Indian cinema in general over the last 50 years pleading for justice and fairness, which he always felt were his natural due as a citizen of the country and as a towering cultural figure. The part where he says he might shift base to another country may be an emotional outburst of a man feeling wronged, but even the fact that the thought crossed his mind should shame all of us.

Another mojor Questions to be asked here are
How come when it comes to Kamal Hassan, nobody in film industry is supporting ??
Is Kamal Hassan nobody’s responsibility ??
This man working for film industry more than 50yrs, this is what happens if we are too good and be a diligent man ??
Is that what happens to man who lifts tamil film industry to next level ??

Actually few directors & very very actors only supported kamal in this whole skirmish. Very Unfair. 

The state was not playing its role by playing it safe. Had it been tougher on the protesters in the beginning itself, maybe the film would be in theatres by now and Kamal Hassan a smiling man. The film fraternity which wields considerable clout in Tamil Nadu has also decided to wait and watch. Clearly, there are failures on multiple fronts.

Another problem nobody realises is, if it is Kamal Hassan’s movie today, it could be some other movie tomorrow. If protesters of all kinds are allowed to run loose, there won’t be any end to it.

I didn’t talk about budget & its profit, you can sketch it in your head & see. But first comes # RESPECT #

For now, there is a whole lot of questions but there is no answers. !!

Also i didn’t cover the whole story here, i just tried to cover major part of story, so google & find the whole story from various sites & you will be feel something in your heart.

Comment the important issues or talks i left, I’ll update !!


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