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Top 10 Sites for Geeks

In this world there is no place like “”.

Did you understand the above humor ??? Well, for all the geeks out there in the world,  “” is their home. “There no better place in the world than home”. I hope now you got the above humor. !!

Well, now you want more of this kind of humor’s ?? then you are at right place. RR gonna reveal some geek humor sites.

10. Shark Tank

This site has “some” interesting  humor but most of the posts are not related to geeks humor. so its on 10th place.


9. Joy of Tech

In this site you can have lot of fun & its pretty quick to learn because most posts are in comic form.


8. Tech Chuff

This site may not have so much humor, but it got interesting posts like RR


7. Bash

This site got some abundant amount of humor, but you can’t find it all. check out yourself.


6. Geeks are sexy

The mission of this site is to provide up to the minute tech. news, reviews etc. This site is for real computer enthusiasts.



If you are looking for humor about games, then this site is for you.


4. Cracked

Bored, just visit this site you won’t get bored. Real time pass.


3. Tech Comedy

Believe me, this site has some really really good tech stories & eventually you will get addicted to this after few reads.


2. Geek Invasion

This site has quite a few visitors, but it has bulk of awesome humors, you will never get bored whenever you visit this site.
Real Awesome Site.


1. 9GaG

This site is completely dedicated to “humor” and humor only. Nothing else. This is one of the basic reason why this site is top in my list.
If you visit this site, then i guarantee you that you will turn into a humorous guy & you will just keep digging into site until you feel
“Oh God, that’s enough for today”.

Hope you guys enjoyed this, if you ppl know any sites, plz leave a comment. !!


One thought on “Top 10 Sites for Geeks

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