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How to use Technorati Claim Token


Technorati is a search engine for searching blogs. Its just a better idea to register with technorati in order to increase your traffic. Most blogger will do that, so do i.

Now technorati want to verify that it is your blog or not, so it generates a TOKEN and mail you and in turn you need to verify that token. Its pretty simple, just follow below steps to verify TOKEN.

  • -> Goto your Blog DashBoard & Create a new Post.
  • -> Just give whatever post title you want like technorati token check or claim token or whatever.
  • -> In post body, just insert the TOKEN given by technorati. 
  • -> Now goto your Technorati Account & click “CHECK CLAIM”. That’s it.

Technorati TOKEN will be something like this WTF1IT4IS3.

I’m creating this post in order to get my blog verfied by Technorati.

My Technorati Token: Q6TFGTGW2WX8

As you can see, now i have posted my token here, so now technorati will take my token and verify it and reply via mail in few hours(24-72). Simple as that.

Still any problem ?? do leave a comment. !!


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