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How to Boot Windows 7 from usb

Tried of Burning DVD’s & installing OS ?? Problem with installing OS from CD or DVD is that disk can get damaged anytime, then some OS files won’t be copying during installation & some new errors will pop up eventually & we will be :O :O :O

Now USB’s are used everywhere. So why not install the OS from USB ?? Let do it.

All we need is Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.

After installing windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, open it.

  • -> Click on browse & choose your Windows 7 ISO file.


  • -> Select USB Device in this step.


  • ->  Click Begin Copying. ( USB Drive will be formatted & OS files are copied )


Right, now USB drive is ready with Windows 7.

  • -> Restart your computer.
  • -> Get into BIOS by pressing F2 or F8( depends on your computer )
  • -> Goto Boot Section, choose Boot from USB. ( Depends on your computer, just look around in BIOS for few seconds, you will find it )
  • That’s it, Save changes & Exit from BIOS.
  • Computer will boot from USB, Install & Enjoyy !!

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